Hi People,

Issue - Unable to find SQL XML files in deployed EAR.

Environment - SAS 8.0,IntelliJ, Maven, MySQL.

Details -

1. Have externalised SQL queries in xml files which reside in package com.xxx.configuration.xmlconfig.databroker.

2. Have the XMLReader (DatabrokerReader.java) in core package com.xxx.core.framework.utils.databroker.

3. Inside the package in point #2, I have a java class (DatabrokerReader.java) which is developed to read all the SQL XML files.

4. The location of the SQL XML files is read from properties file (databroker.props) which is in package com.xxx.core.framework.configuration.databroker.

Inside the properties file, I have the location information where all the SQL XML files reside.
databroker.loc = com/xxx/configuration/xmlconfig/databroker

5. This information is passed to File constructor in DatabrokerReader.java

public class DatabrokerReader{

  File databroker = new File(bundle.getString("databroker.loc"));

  File[] sqlXMLFiles = databroker.listFiles();

  // loop over the File[] and parse the required information using JDOM.

6. When the EAR is deployed to SAS 8.0 I get the File[] sqlXMLFiles as null.It seems the File constructor is unable to resolve this path of SQL XML file location and therefore the File[] is null...

Can anybody figure out what needs to be done ..or any other intelligent way to go ahead..

Thanks for your time and patience.