RIFE v0.8.2 has been released.

RIFE is a framework that offers an alternative approach to web application development and design. It builds upon the Java platform, but offers all required tools and APIs to implement and perform all common website related tasks in a fast, intuitive and consistent manner. More information about the project and its features can be found on http://rife.dev.java.net

Below are the highlights of this release.
  * support for Derby and One$DB/DaffodilDB databases [ more ]
  * important bugfixes and reduced memory usage [ more ]
  * support for constrained beans [ more ]
  * detection of URL length overflow [ more ]
  * automatic preservation of serializable properties in the data flow [ more ]
  * addition of database capabilities and compensators [ more ]
  * support for internationalized requests and query strings [ more ]
  * complete isolation of embedded elements [ more ]

Detailed release notes are available on:

The new version of RIFE can be downloaded directly from: