Miscommunication the only issue with a FreeBSD Java


News: Miscommunication the only issue with a FreeBSD Java

  1. The FreeBSD folks seemed a little peeved in a newsletter that they recently released. They seemed to think that Sun was on their case about their JVM license. People jumped on this, and to Sun's credit, they stepped up and it seems the whole problem was just a miscommunication.

    OSDir Reports
    Recently the FreeBSD Foundation issued a newsletter stating its frustration with Sun Microsystems over licensing of the Java Virtual Machine. Specifically, the Foundation had its license revoked, and had been trying to renegotiate with little success reaching anyone at Sun who could do anything about it.

    OSDir has followed up with Justin Gibbs, Secretary/Treasurer of the Foundation to see what has resulted from the publicity resulting of the issue.

    Mr Gibbs had this to say, "The Foundation's Java licensing issue boils down to poor communication on all sides. Our newsletter caught the attention of the 'right person' at Sun to cut through the clutter and we now expect to quickly find a satisfactory resolution. The FreeBSD Foundation will follow up its newsletter with an update on Java licensing as soon as we can announce the good news, but our current belief is that this little hiccup will have no impact to the allowed uses for our binary distributions."

    FreeBSD's Secretary/Treasurer: Java License Troubles Being Worked Out
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    This is why everyone is calling for an opensource version of java. Its kinda scary that this could happen.
  3. That's a relief. Honestly, the last thing I want to see is Java being screwed. :o)

  4. Wait...

    They have Java on UNIX now?? :)