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    I have written a small servlet to read files
    from the server and to send them to the client.

    The servlet works on a Tomcat 4. But after an
    update to tomcat 5 the servlet will not work with
    the Internet Explorer anymore. Other browsers still
    do the Job in the right way.

    I worked for two days on this problem and found out
    that only files for which no plugin is installed on the Internet Explorer cannot be accessed.

    PDFs für example can be downloaded by the Internet Explorer, but doc/xls/rtf/mp3 files could not.

    The Internet Explorer throws an error message that the requested file could not be opened.
    There is no difference by downloading or viewing the requested file in the Browser window. The error message will always be the same.

    Other browsers like mozilla / firefox open a the download dialog and the file could be downloaded.

    I have tried different tips which can be found on the web, but these tips are for tomcat 4 and didn't solve my problem.
    It seems that nobody has encountered this problem on tomcat 5.

    Any ideas ?

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        I also had the same problem of different type.I just copied the servlet.jar file located in common\lib folder to tomcat5's common\lib directory.I don't know whether it Works.Just try it.