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    Hi all,

    I am kind of new to xmlbeans and I was trying the tutorial published on http://xmlbeans.apache.org/documentation/tutorial_getstarted.html. I worked through the tutorial exactly as it is outlined.

    I successfully managed to run the following command without errors:

    C:\engine\xmlbeans-1.0.3>scomp -out tutorials\gettingstarted\lib\easypo.jar sche
    Time to build schema type system: 1.011 seconds
    Time to generate code: 0.13 seconds
    Time to compile code: 1.192 seconds
    Compiled types to: tutorials\gettingstarted\lib\easypo.jar

    I further read throught the tutorial but I am having problems executing the javac command to compile the .java class, this is what I get :

    C:\engine\xmlbeans-1.0.3>javac -classpath %XMLBEANS_HOME%\lib\xbean.jar;tutorial
    s\gettingstarted\lib\easypo.jar -d tutorials\gettingstarted\classes tutorials\ge
    tutorials\gettingstarted\src\POUpdater.java:4: package org.apache.easypo does no
    t exist
    import org.apache.easypo.*;
    tutorials\gettingstarted\src\POUpdater.java:20: cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : class PurchaseOrderDocument
    location: class POUpdater
            PurchaseOrderDocument poDoc = null;
    tutorials\gettingstarted\src\POUpdater.java:24: package PurchaseOrderDocument do
    es not exist
                poDoc = PurchaseOrderDocument.Factory.parse(purchaseOrder);
    tutorials\gettingstarted\src\POUpdater.java:39: cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : class LineItem
    location: class POUpdater
            LineItem newItem = poDoc.getPurchaseOrder().addNewLineItem();
    4 errors

    I have looked at my classpath and everything looks OK, I don't know why I am getting this error.

    Please help!!!!

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