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    There are lots of Java Gurus whose beloved platform is Mac with its beautiful BSD-powered Mac OS-X operating system. This thread is about identifying Java tools that can be used on Mac OS-X.

    Ok, here is the bottomline: as for a lot of others my day-to-day work machine was a Compaq Presario laptop running Windows. Occasionally I would get so pissed off at Windows that would switch to Mandrake Linux (also present on the same laptop) but that attempt never lasted long. First, X11 is, probabely, one of the most unstable GUIs in the world. Then, if you are writing web applications, an absolute majority of your users see them via Internet Explorer, so you gotta have it, too. IE installed on Linux via wine (or CrossOver Office) sucks and crashes. Shortly, my voyages to Linux-as-desktop never lasted longer than couple of weeks or so.

    At the same time I was closely watching the raise and return of Macs and had an old G3 iMac to play, lightly, with, too. I was getting more and more impressed.

    Finally, last week, after the MacWorld conference, I decided I am fed up with the losy, virus-driven Windows and immature desktop system - Linux and want to get a better, more peaceful life with a Mac. So, I ordered a new Mac mini, upgrading it with memory and ordering the one with a higher-end processor.

    Sale of Mac Mini starts on Jan 22nd and I am going to get it only on 23rd, so while I am waiting, I was thinking if I am gonna have all the tools I need. And as Mac is a favorite platform of many Java developers, thought, somebody may care to share with me, their experience.

    So, here we go...

    I know I am not gonna have any problem with IDE. All the best IDEs (JBuilder, IntelliJ IDea, Eclipse) are available for Mac OS-X. No problem there.

    I am going to have Internet Explorer, too. No problem as there, as well.

    CVS, SSH - the GNU stuff is not a problem, as Mac OS-X is a Unix.

    Now, there is one particular program I love and use, that I am gonna miss - Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. Unfortunately, it is available only for Windows and Linux. I may be able to set it up under X11 on Mac, too, though. But then - maybe not and anyway - who wants crappy X11, when you are on Mac and are enjoying the beauty of Aqua?

    Any ideas of a UML tool as good as the Sparx one, but for Mac?

    What else?

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    This is the first time I am responding to a message board (troller). I was just so compelled to respond because I am so fed up with Windows and the Linux's desktop. I am going to order my Mac tonight (amazon seems to have a good deal).

    I have been researching replacement development applications on the Mac platform. As for UML, I was planning on ArgoUML (

    Concerning your comment about IE, you are going to find some web page presentation difference between Mac and Windows IE so you might want to look into Virtual PC, that is what I am planning.
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    I have to report that after several months on a Mac, I am more happy than I've ever been with any of my PCs and there is no going back :)

    As for a UML tool: I, personally, really do not like ArgoUML neither on Windows nor on Mac. After some research I found the Visual Paradigm's UML editor ( The modeler version is quite cheap and fully satisfies my needs. It is very flexible, intuitive, smart and comfortable.

    Thumbs up and highly recommended.
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    Hey !

    Interesting comments as I myself am switching to Mac as well. I just got my Ibook G4 a few days ago and I'm trying to get as much info on developer tools for Mac as possible.
    I do a lot of web dev too so I'll probably keep my PC just in case.

    Any comments about Xcode ?

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    Hello again!

    Here's an update:
    Try Eclipse and install the Omondo plugin for UML.
    It's called EclipseUML and it's pretty slick for a free tool.

  6. You can try the latest release of MagicDraw version.
    MagicDraw UML 10.0 delivers support for the latest UML 2.0 and BPMN standards with improved diagramming, a completely redesigned GUI, and other expanded capabilities that combine to accelerate architecture modeling.

    MagicDraw runs on a wide variety of operating systems, such as Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Solaris, OS/2, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, MacOS (X) and everywhere else where Java 1.4 is supported.

    To download, please connect to
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    I switched a couple of weeks ago - bought a macbook - and I'm absolutely loving it. I specifically miss:
    * Enterprise Architect. It's just the best UML tool for it's price out there. I've tried most of them, and EA is powerful without getting in your way. Btw, Omnigraffle is the nicest diagram tool I ever worked with... very very nice. But it's not enough for all my needs.
    * Skype 2. I want to use SkypeIn!
    * Picasa. Soooo much better than iPhoto.