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    can u plz tell me how can i change the default port 8080 of jboss 3.2.6 to something else?
    thanks a lot.

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  2. finally,
    i managed to make it work by changing all 8080 port in below to files to for example 28080. i hope it's ok.

    1) server.xml in

    2) jboss-service.xml in
  3. oracle and jboss[ Go to top ]


    Both JBoss and Oracle RDBMS are using the port 8080. HTTP Server for JBoss, XDB listener for Oracle RDBMS.

    So I thin you are hitting this issue, which error do you have when you start JBoss after Oracle? Something like:
    "java.net.BindException: Address already in use: JVM_Bind:8080"

    So you can either change the JBoss HTTP Port, it varies depending of the version of JBoss:
    4.0: JBOSS_HOME/<config>/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat50.sar/server.xml
    3.x: JBOSS_HOME/server/<config>/deploy/tomcat41-service.xml

    or change the XDB Port:
    connect to your DB using system user (SQL*PLUS) and execute the following command:
    call dbms_xdb.cfg_update(updateXML(
    , '/xdbconfig/sysconfig/protocolconfig/httpconfig/http-port/text()'
    , 8081))
    to change it from 8080 to 8081

    Tugdual Grall

    reference from:
  4. Thanks a lot for the post. it really helped!