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    I need to obfuscate a large Struts based application. We have about 300+ Actions, with some logic written in Action files and some distributed in DAO and Business Methods. I strongly need to Obfuscate it as this is our flagship product and we are on the edge of deployment. Application code has beed written by a number of people so there is no guarantee in the coding standars being consistent.

    I am aware of quite a tools that have been mentioned on TSS and other Java forums, i am looking for guide or help on how to do this.

    Thanks in Advance :)

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    I have the same problem. I only want to know if you were able to solve it, and how. I'm developing a large Struts based application with many EJB's, ActionBeans, etc...and i don't know how to obfuscate it. I would thank you if you told me how i can obfuscate this, and which classes and methods (in general) could be obfuscated.

    Thank you very much.