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     Can anyone let me know the patterns implemented in MVC Frame work and where they have been implemented.

    One example which i could get is that a Front controller

    Can any one pl let me know a few more similar examples
  2. The most basic web app pattern which is not MVC is the Page Controller. For those you use ASP this is very familer to them. Basically it is when you go directly to your page that has all of the logic in it. Great for small unmaintainable sites.

    But from that pattern the Front Page Controller has grown out. This pattern (not implemented by all frameworks) allows you to link to pages instead of actions but the pages themselves call an action to load the page therefor not having the logic in the page itself. A great example of this it to use the Action tag in Webwork for display only pages. Say you have a page that requires you to do a bunch of logic to display the page and the page itself is readonly to the user. Typically you would go to and it has only ONE exit path of SUCCESS which goes to crazyPage.jsp. By using the Front Page Controller you go to crazyPage.jsp and when the page loads the action tag is called which calls the same action.

    Minor difference but is faster to code and more intuitive because you don't have to polute our config.xml (navigation xml) with single path action and results.