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    Hello Everyone

    Consider the following scenario:

    There are 2 Webapps A and B hosted by the Websphere environment. Both the webapps can be run as seperate applications and have thier own logging mechanisms with login servlets et al.

    1.Login to Application A
    2.Browse a few links and copy the URL in application A
    3.Now erase the URL in the address bar and try to access application B.
    4.Now paste the Webapp A's URL which you have copied into the address bar.

    The result, the session is lost and Iam back to the login screen for application A.(Iam redirecting the user to login screen considering the naughty scenario of people trying to bookmark URL's)

    Now, if I type in instead of accessing another webapp, and then paste the copied URL, iam fine session is not lost.

    Whatz going on???


  2. cookies may be set on your machine thats why the Session is not lost..

    hope this helps.
    - Rahul