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    Hi, I'm new to EJB's n currently working on Business Delegate+Session Facade+DAO. Can anyone send me the links to code on the above? Or any sort of tutorial?
  2. Business Delegate+Session Facade+DAO[ Go to top ] describes all the patterns you mentioned.

    Essentially they break down as follows:

    [Business Delegate]
    This can mean different things. I usually (maybe not correctly) use it to refer to a client side "facade" that is responsible for talking to a server side object.

    [Session Facade]
    This is usually a fine grained stateless session bean which talks about use cases. The implementation of this facade *may* delegate to one or more finer grained POJOs/EJBs. Another common use is to use a session facade to wrap all external access to entity beans.

    Data Access Object is a layer behind which lives all your data access code. For example, you SF (Session Facade) might choose to use a DAO to load stuff from persistent storage.


    public final class ClientSideBusinessDelegate {
      public UserVO getUser(final String username) throws UserNotFoundException {
        try {
          return userStateLessSessionBean.getUser(username);
        } catch (RemoteException e) {
          throw new MySpecificRuntimeException(e);

    public final class ServerSideStatelessSessionBean {
      public UserVO getUser(final String username) throws UserNotFoundException, RemoteException {
        UserVO user = dao.loadUser(username);

    public interface UserDAO {
      UserVO loadUser(username) throws UserNotFoundException;

    public class EntityBeanBackedUserDAO implements UserDAO {
      public UserVO loadUser(username) throws UserNotFoundException {
        try {
          UserVO user = new UserVO();
          UserEntityBean userBean = userHome.findByPrimaryKey(username);

        } catch (ObjectNotFoundException e) {
          throw new UserNotFoundException(username);

    Note: The DAO will typically be an interface with one or more implementations. Note also that the exceptions coming from a DAO should not be implementation specific :)

    Hope this helps.

    Comments + feedback welcome.


    P.S. Ask 10 people, get 12 different answers ;)