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News: TiVo plans Java-based SDK

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    TiVo has announced plans to release a Java-based SDK, part of a larger project called Tahiti. The kit will be hosted on sourceforget.net, and is aimed to get the community building cool and novel apps for the TiVo platform. What do you want your TiVo to do?

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    The software in TiVo is so poorly written this is probably a good idea.
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    At least mine has never blue screened ;-) It just always works.
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    It certainly doesn't crash, but then most VCR's don't either, so that's not much to brag about. It has very limited smarts when show conflicts occur and is painfully slow. It needs a lot of work.
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    I've got ReplayTV and it hangs up pretty often. But then I hacked it and added an 80GB drive for 80 more hours of content. Unfortunately, I don't think the unit has enough memory to support the extra content.

    I just bought a PC with Windows XP Media Center which promises to provide the same functionality (haven't fired up the machine yet). I have no idea if MS is providing an SDK.

    So really, TiVo had little choice lest MS eat their market (as it may do anyway).
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    Cool. I might have to get a TiVo.
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    it'd be nice to have another toy to play with ;)
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    I wonder if it's going to be based on the Java Home Media Option Project http://javahmo.sourceforge.net/ that's been on Sourceforge for a while now.

  9. strangeberry[ Go to top ]

    Tivo bought StrangeBerry last year:

    Strangeberry was Arthur van Hoff and Johnathan Payne's (remember them?) next gig after leaving Marimba. So the fact that they have a java API isn't suprising. I bet the API will expose some Strangeberry features.
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    The SDK is already available:

    This SDK is in no way based on JavaHMO, which was basically a hack to the original Home Media Option. This is a full blown SDK that allows for rich application development on the TiVo. TiVo acquired a small company called Strangeberry in early 2004 whose technology is being used in the SDK. Strangeberry was started by one of the original Java developers, Arthur A. van Hoff. More here:

    One of the first killer apps is going to be the ability to have Netflix deliver movies right to your TiVo:
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    The SDK is already available:http://tivohme.sourceforge.net/This SDK is in no way based on JavaHMO, which was basically a hack to the original Home Media Option.

    Excellent. Thanks for the link!

    -- Rob
  12. Brilliant[ Go to top ]

    What an execellent idea. Thumbs up to the brilliant person who came up with this thought. I really mean that. "Let's get open-source developers to build software for our proprietary, subscription based platform for free." Outstanding.
  13. Tivo + Java API...[ Go to top ]

    ... + BitTorrent Client + broadband = one click RIAA law suit
  14. Tivo's CEO & president both resign[ Go to top ]


    Wonder if the timing of the resignations and the new features don't signal the results of an internal shift in the company.
  15. Replace Comcast[ Go to top ]

    What do I want TiVo to do? Do a deal with Comcast cable so that I don't have to use Comcast's shitty UI anymore.
  16. They were doing a deal with comcast[ Go to top ]

    The deal fell through because people on the Tivo end felt that they didn't have enough control over the end product (summing up a LOT of stuff in that statement) and now Comcast is in bed with Microsoft.