Flux 6.5 Workflow Engine, Job Scheduler, and BPM Engine has been released. Flux 6.5 adds new workflow features including Timeouts and Conditional Joins.

The new Flux 6.5 release includes Timeouts, Conditional Joins for workflows, Aborts, Consensus, and Vetoes. These new workflow and BPM (Business Process Management) features make Flux an extremely powerful Java workflow engine and Java BPM engine for Java software developers.

These new features are also exposed through the Flux GUI and Flux Business Process Dashboard, allowing End Users to benefit as well.

For Flux job scheduler users, the new Flux workflow and BPM features provide powerful new capabilities.

Flux has a very extensive set of Java, J2EE, XML, and Web Services APIs.

Flux complements these APIs with complete user interfaces: a Flux Swing GUI, web interface, Business Process Dashboard, and a command line interface.

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