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    I am revamping a java application. We are planning to user Log4j but I am new to Log4j. My requirement is, I need to use the same log4j property file for 8 different module. I need to know how to configure different file names for different modules in the same log4j file. Thanks for your time.
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    One way is to put your common in some shared directory and make this directory on the class path for each application...

    This way only one file is required for many apps...
  3. Hi, I want to use log4j a bit differently. I want logs of certain classes (or package) to go to a File-1.log and logs of few others to go to some-other-File.log In this case would I require multiple or a single/ common (with the required number of different appenders) TIA! ~g1 PS: Actually, this question arose cause, I want to use RollingFileAppender and JMSAppender both. However RollingFileAppender will cover all classes (while JMS logging only for my