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    Currently for all invoice image development, we code/program the PDF template to build the invoice image. Instead of this, can any one suggest if we can use other options/tools where in the templates can be designed using some 4GL tools and the application can generate the images based on those templates.

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    Try JasperReports. http://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/
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      Tnxs for the Suggestion
      I want to know One Point here
      Generating a PDF by Java is faster or thru XML is faster.
      Please note that when I click View Invoice Button on the Screen(JSP) , then the same need to get the info from Data Base and then convert it into PDF Format
      As of now we are getting info from Data base and using itest we are generation PDF content in java file.
     If I use XML , will be better w.r.t Performance?

     Why Iam planning to move to XML is , its time consuming at the develpment( for every small change I need to complile and make a build and then check the same). Instead of this If I use XML how it is going to affect the performance.

     If still XML is fast, can I get some help how to generate the XML and the same I can call in the JSP to generate the PDF.

    B S Reddy
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    Maybe You should try Smart Report Builder: http://www.smartreportbuilder.com/