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    In a recently past I work in a company that creates a J2EE Architecture to be used as application base.
    The client and the server side was implemented in Java.
    The solution adopted was creates a XML Value Object sended by the client side to server side. This XML VO acrossing all tiles of architecture ( acess, presentation, business, persistence) where each tile gets the necessary information for your tile, via XPath.
    What is your opinion about this approach?
    Bruno Barin
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    i didn't get what's the adv in passing info via xml vo rather than java VO. let me know if u can explain...

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    I consider the approach bad, because it's necessary parsing the XML VO each J2EE layer, impacting in application's performance. I think that the use of Java VO is the best approaching when the client side and the server side are implemented in Java.
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