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    Currently I have an app that is protected by bassic authentication using JBoss Jass and security constrains mapped in my web.xml...

    I.e: /admin can only be accessed by admin users...

    So I started to port my app over to tapestry...

    I mapped the "Tapestry application servlet" to the root context instead of /app. this works fine.

    Now I also mapped a second "Tapestry application servlet" to /admin and configure the proper .application file etc... This also works fine...

    This way when the /admin uri is accessed my bassic authentication kicks in...

    The question is.... Is it the right way to do so?
    Can state be passed back and forth bewteen these to "apps"

    So far I have found simple tutorials on how to do login using tapestry, but they are to simple and I would rather use the JASS auth and role security from the Jboss server and servlet container.

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    I found the answer here: http://wiki.apache.org/jakarta-tapestry/FriendlyUrls

    Not so obvious though :D