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    Does weblogic compile all jsps on ear deployment?
    Is there any way to stop this?
    As in, are these things configurable?

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    There seem to be a lot of parameters that can be set using the jsp-descriptor element in the weblogic.xml file.
    The default value for "precompile" is false.

    However, when using a blank weblogic.xml file to deploy, the precompilation still was taking place.

    Any ideas?
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    the correct way to let Weblogic compile your JSPs on deployment is adding the following segment to the weblogic.xml deployment descriptor:


    By default JSP compilation shouldn't take place, as you said. Maybe you can try to add above segment to your weblogic.xml and set <param-value>false</param-value>.
    I have used the precompile option in Weblogic 6.1 and 8 and in both version it worked correctly.

    I hope this helps.

    Hubert A. Klein Ikkink, aka mrhaki
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    I am using weblogic 8.1
    I just used it.. And it does not work at all.. Do i have to specify anything other than this too?
  5. Check this article ...[ Go to top ]

    I'm sure you will find response

  6. Check this article ...[ Go to top ]

    I did check it out..
    One problem I am facing is if there are no precompilation related entries in the weblogic.xml file.
    Now in this case, the default values for these should be used or they shud not be used at all. But this precompilation still keeps taking place.

    Please tell me if I am missing something here..