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    Hi all,
    I am facing a problem in which when ever I deploy my j2ee application in weblogic and access first page wheter it is jsp or html weblogic creates a new session. while I did not create session on that page, I have a id, password field in my jsp page weblogic should create session when a user give right password and id. and notice one other thing is that when i open new window of browser it creates new session for this window ever time I open new window it creates a new session

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    Weblogic sessions are created automatically when clients access webapps. They are tracked with cookies or URL rewriting on the client side. This is standard functionality, and should not be problematic.

    Username and passwords are not embedded in webpages by Weblogic. So what problem are you experiencing exactly?

    Please try to write in sentences. This will allow people to understand you when you try to communicate.
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    WLS creates a session for you on first connection. You will only be prompted for userId/password if basic/form auth method has been enabled.
    In IE, if you start a new browser session you will get a new session for that browser. Depending on browser, if you open new window from browser, you may retain old session.

    I believe there were problems with NS pre-4.7 with different session between HTTP and HTTPS, but not sure if that is your type of problem.
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    Norman - you might find this link useful for understanding sessions: http://www.phptr.com/content/images/0131015524/samplechapter/0131015524_ch03.pdf
    As Adrian pointed out, a session is created automatically and has nothing to do with a successful login; you have a session even though the login failed.
    Each browser request is a separate communication to your web container, and therefore will have its own unique session.

    Bill Lasley
    Versant Corp.
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    Bill, you mean each separate browser instance has its own session, rather than each browser request.

    Each browser instance has its own session. On IE, a new window from a browser instance retains the parent session.

    Withhin each browser instance/window, each browser request uses the same WLS session.
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    Sorry for the misstatement, and thank you, Graham for the correction. I hope I did not confuse Norman.

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    Hi Bill, in your message (159234 - on 3/1/2005) you included the following link that explained advanced servlet techniques http://www.phptr.com/content/images/0131015524/samplechapter/0131015524_ch03.pdf

    Do you know what book this is from and if there are any other chapters available for viewing.