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    Hi all
       I am newbie to this ejb and was trying to create an entity bean in Blazix Application server using the wizard provided...
       I created the source code and comiled it but for ejb compilation i was using blxejbc tool but got the following exception :-(

    Configuration file: C:\Blazix\ejb.ini JRMP Version Processing Entity bean "Bill" Validating bean classes Generating bean support classes Bill: Compiling classes with javac Bill: Generating RMI classes Bill: Adding to JAR file BillEjb.jar C:\Blazix\ejbtemp\bill\BillBeanCtx_Skel.class (The system cannot find the file specified) at Method) at<init>( at desisoft.ejbtools.EjbCompiler.addZipEntry( at desisoft.ejbtools.EjbCompiler.compileAndAddToJar( at desisoft.ejbtools.EjbCompiler.compileBeans( at desisoft.ejbtools.EjbCompiler.compile( at desisoft.ejbtools.EjbCompiler.main( Press any key to continue . . .

    Please help me out with this..

    Sanket Raut
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    I am facing the same kind of problem. Have you got the information? If yes could you please send it to me ?
    Thank you
  3. It seems to be a 1.5.0 problem[ Go to top ]


    do you use jdk 1.5?

    I encountered the same problem and solved it using the jdk 1.4 virtual machine again...