I'm not sure where to post this, but this seems a good bet. I've just posted o Bean->Relational Database mapping tool on my web site (http://www.javelinsoft.com).

The generator Free - however it is currently dependent on my JPOOL code. All the source is available.

The reason I chose this forum is that all the code generated is based on EJB design patterns. It's basically a 2-tier version of EJB. All the Session/Home/Bean code is generated.

Why do this ? Basically performance and flexiblity.

I've written an EJB server and written several projects but have found the lack of flexiblityand performance in EJB a real problem, when trying to get performance up to a reasonable level.

This code generator allows you to create EJB like projects that perform brilliantly in a couple of hours.

Now I have got the beta code out - I will write some extra classes to generate the EJB classes.

If you want to get a project out in a hurry this code is ideal.