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    Hiya all

    On my jsp page I have

    c:import url="../xml/car_specs.xml" var="pgeXML" scope="page"

    and on my html page I have

    a href="jsp/car_specs.jsp">Car Specs

    This is ok but for every page i want to link to i need a new jsp page and have have to change the import url (btw i have about another 10 pages which i wish to link to). Is there a way i can use jsp so that i only have one jsp page but dynamically change the import url depending on the link clicked?


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    Could you use a request parameter?

    JSP (xml_import.jsp):

    c:import url="../xml/<%=request.getParameter("view")%>" var="pgeXML" scope="page"

    c:import url="../xml/${param.view}" var="pgeXML" scope="page"


    a href="jsp/xml_import.jsp?view=car_specs.xml">Car Specs