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    Hi all
       I want to use weblogic as Application Server and Appache Http Server as Web Server.

       Any document which covers the configuration of the above two ?
    B S Reddy

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    Hi Reddy,

    for weblogic 8.1 look at
    this apply to previous version too

    Bye, Stefano
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    Hi Reddy,

    Have you had any luck with the apache and weblogic setup? I have a successful configuration that I can help you with. I do have a question for you however?

    I have apache proxying all *.jsp requests to weblogic. My index page also needs to be a *.jsp. How can I continue to have apache handle *.html requests, weblogic handle *.jsp requests and have my index be a jsp. As it stands my index needs to be static.

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      Iam able to conifg but not successfull with SSL
      Can anyone explains how to config Apache Web Server and Weblogic considering SSL?

    B S Reddy
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    Hi srinivas

     can you send me the document for configuring but i am not successful. I tried using

    but not successful.

    can you pls mail to jonnark at indiatimes dot com

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    I am trying to configure weblogic 8.1 application server with apache web server, but I am not able to succeed. Can anyone please share the document for the same.


    Sankardoss P



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    Hi, I am using Weblogic 9.2 application server and i am using Apache http server 2.0.59 as web server. Could some body guide me to configure app and web servers. Thanks, Vijay.