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    My host provider uses resin and up until now I have been happy about the choise. But now I have come on a problem. The project I'm involved in requires the use of web services. This can be solved fast by using hessian. But the web service has to be reachable from the outside using .Net or even coldfusion. I have been surfing the web to find information about this topic but with no result.

    So my question is: can a web service built with hessian be reached using the standard approach where a wsdl file is read and used? Hessian does not seem to produce a wsdl file so what can be done?

    Can I use axis when I'm unable to change anything in the resin configuration?

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    Hi Kristian,

    A web service, be defn, can be reached from anywhere, as long as the "standard approach" is followed. You could use the axis tool:java2wsdl for this purpose.

    Please go ahead and use axis. i would highly recommend it.
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    Hi Kiran,
    thanks for your response.

    Can I run java2wsdl under resin without having to ask the host provider to change anything in the resin configuration?