I have to create a application in Struts where i have to create 10 radiobutton set where each set consists of 3 value out of which only one value should get selected.

 I have to get the value of the selected buttons of all the 10 sets.I have made 10 sets but it can vary to any number.so I have to create the sets dynamically.

how to make it up.
the same problem was done in checkbox and i was able to do it.
but if it is a radiobutton the 10 sets should have different property name to get 10 values.

To make the question clear I will explain with an exmaple.

I have to create a application which has 10 questions(which can vary) each has only one answer but three options namely yes,no,dontknow.

and i have to use only radio buttons because only one of 3 is correct.

how to do it.

give me atleast some logic so that i can proceed.

thanx in advance.