OpenLogic releases BlueGlue 3.1


News: OpenLogic releases BlueGlue 3.1

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    OpenLogic, an open-source validation and management company, announced version 3.1 of its BlueGlue Open Source Infrastructure Management Suite. This package automated the installation, integration, testing, and maintenance of certified and supported stacks build from combinations of over 100 open source projects.

    This release’s major features:

    • Spring, Tapestry, Webwork, and MyFaces have been added to Struts as supported web frameworks.
    • Two new Eclipse plugins and another Maven example application.
    • Risk management capabilities, to limit or enable products based on license, project type, or other criteria.
    • The latest versions of stable project releases, integrated and tested automatically via the BlueGlue software.
    Check out BlueGlue.

    In related news, OpenLogic recently closed a $4 million venture capital investment to expand its development, sales, and marketing efforts, as well as adding new officers such as Doug Barre (previously COO at Borland and Sr. VP at Compuware), Rob Balgley (formerly of Jabber), and Greg Orzech (Sr. VP of VA Software).

    This is another company that is specializing in the marketing of integrated open source solutions. This looks like a trend: a few other high-profile companies are specializing in the same space, adding a lot of clout to both the open source community and the integration market.
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    Has anybody used Keel and this? How do they compare?