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  1. problem in classpath setting!!please help urgent (4 messages)

    i am using BEA weblogic server 9.0.I created a new domain named myproj under development mode using config wizard.i have created directory webapp under applications dir of my
    newly created domain.

    i.e C:\bea\user_projects\domains\myproj\applications\webapp

    i have created a directory srtucture as webapp\WEB-INF\web.xml
    and webapp\WEB-INF\classes\HelloClientServlet.class
    i am able to start and shut down the server.i compiled the servlet program successfully.
    but i want to run the program

    1.I don't know how to set the classpath and path variables .i would like to set the path and classpath in command line.please help me. we really need to create web.xml file and war file to run the simple hello servlet program
    3.have i placed the .class file in the correct location.

    please explain in simple steps.

  2. Search for startWeblogic script under the domain you created and open it. You will find CLASSPATH variable set in there.

    Yes you need to create web.xml. But you do not need to war if you deploy with exploded directory structure.

    Check out your package structure and your folder structure under “classes” must match to it.

    I have not moved to WLS9 yet, but these things must be pretty much same. If you find any inconsistencies check out BEA docs.

    Hope it helps,
    Shaha D.
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       Thanks for ur response.i read the documents u had mentioned.I am sorry to bother you.I am new to programming,please help me.I opened and looked startweblogic script under the domain i created.But still i don't know how to set the classpath .I want to set the classpath in command line.i compiled my servlet program using C:\bea\jdk150b.I have set my path variable in command prompt to:

    c:>set PATH=C:\bea\jdk150b\bin.

    Likewise, do i Set up a development environment shell with the correct classpath and path do i set my classpath in command do i include server classes.
    c:>set CLASSPATH=????

    2.i have placed my WAR file in c:\bea\user_projects\domain\myprojects\applications.

    when i run the program i get 404 error NOT FOUND.Please help me.It frustrates me a lot as i am
    unable to run a simple helloworld program.

    Thank you,
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    set CLASSPATH=C:\bea\jdk150b;C:\IBM\SQLLIB\java\

    Have you deployed your war correctly ? If not use weblogic console to deploy it.
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    set CLASSPATH=C:\bea\jdk150b;C:\IBM\SQLLIB\java\

    I can't understand the second part (C:\IBM\SQLLIB\java\
    in the classpath.There are no files or folders named IBM\SQLLIB ..Please let me know how u have set the second part.