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    Hi there,

    I have installed Tomcat 3.1 and I tried to execute the given examples. It gives an error saying.. 'src' not found ( from build.xml while prepare). I have checked it and src directory exists. Can anybody help me? Thanks.

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     The error src not found means that the JSP page cannot locate the bean. You have not set the enviorment variables.If you are using Windows 98 u should set the enviroment varibales in the autoexec.bat file.
    set TOMCAT_HOME=C:\Tomcat
    set ANT_HOME=C:\Tomcat
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk1.2
    if u r using win NT u can set these variables in My computer enviroment
    See if this works
    Asad Aziz
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    HI asad,

    remember me.. u once helped me in installing taomcat.
    I am having some problem. I cant compile my servlet files. I have installed jdk1.3 and tomcat 3.1
    plz help...
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    Place ur Servlet in webApps/examples/WEB-INF/classes
    the type this url in the browser.
    This will execute ur servlet.