Storing data in our own Objects in HTTP Tunneling


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: Storing data in our own Objects in HTTP Tunneling

  1. I created a HTML page that includes an Applet with Swings and placed it my own context in Tomcat root.I want to store the data from Applet in my own Object and from this Object i want to store the data in database using a Servlet.i.e. Applet-Servlet Communication using our own Objects.For this to happen i have to place my object in two places.One is,in WEB-INF/classes foldet so as the Servlet can access my Object.The other is,in my context so as the Applet can access my Object.My problem is -i want to place my Object in WEB-INF/classes only so as to make it protected i.e outsiders can't access it.But in this case how can i make my Applet access that Object.If there is any methodology to resolve my pb., plz let me know as soon as possible
  2. Hi, I'm also doing this on a project. We package the applet as a jar file which contains the model objects as part of the applet code. This gets downloaded to the client. The model objects are also stored under web-inf/classes. So they exist in two places.