Need to implement OFX support in my application


XML & Web services: Need to implement OFX support in my application

  1. I need to fetch user's accounts statements from his bank(s) through my application, developed in Java/JSP. I want to connect to the OFX servers of the Financial Institutions and get the desired results. So do I need to implement the OFX support frm the scratch in Java or we have some opensource utilities available fr the same which can easily be integrated with the application. I am new to this domain, so please do provide your valuable suggestions/links....
  2. I need to do the same things. Have you figured out the best way to do this?
  3. I am a developer on the open source project. This is a Java accounting program. I would very much like to see OCX support in the product. I think it would be good not only for the product but also as an example for other open source developers.

    If I get anywhere with the development then I can let you know. In the meanwhile, if you have anything that you are able to release as open source then perhaps we can work on this together.

    Let me know.

    Nigel Westbury
  4. Hi Guys,
     Could you manage to get support for OFX format in Java code as I need to do similar thing in my project??
    Or if someone know any Java Apis which can convert OFX(SGML) format to XML?
  5. I am trying to export the financial data in the database to a OFX file, which can be used to transfer the data and can be imported by any other OFX complaint systems. I am looking for some java based api's or tool which can do this. Is there any open source or third party java api's available?