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    i am using BEA weblogic server 9.0.I created a new domain named myproj under development mode using config wizard.i have created directory webapp under applications dir of my
    newly created domain.
    i.e C:\bea\user_projects\domains\myproj\applications\webapp

    i have created a directory srtucture as
    1. webapp\WEB-INF\web.xml and
    2. webapp\WEB-INF\classes\HelloClientServlet.class

    I compiled the servlet program successfully using C:\bea\jdk150b..But i want to run the program in the browser.I want to set the classpath in command line. I have set my path variable in command prompt to:

    c:>set PATH=C:\bea\jdk150b\bin.

    Likewise, do i Set up a development environment shell with the correct classpath and path do i set my classpath in command line.

    c:>set CLASSPATH=????

    please help

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    Setting a classpath for an app server isn't really something you need to do as the server will load classes for you as it starts up or as you need them. You should be able to fire up the server and just use the classes that you want.

    If you are doing this and having a problem I'd guess it's because your HelloClientServlet doesn't appear to belong to a package.