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    I am using Oracle OC4J 9.0.3 container. The MDB which I am using stops responding once it reaches to a particular message limit. I am sending messages to the queue for every minute. The mdb is not consuming all the messages and after a day, the messages are getting piled up like 3000 messages and after that MDB is not consuming the messages. What could be the reason?. Is there any limit to the number of messages?.

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    I strongly recomend you not to use OC4J's JMS implementation.
    Try OpenJMS or another one.
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    All JMS related issues have been fixed since OC4J 9.0.4 (that was released about a year and half ago) and I will recommend you to upgrade to either OC4J or OC4J 10.1.2

    Debu Panda
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    Why in the world would you use OpenJMS unless you were just toying around with JMS? Typical developer mentality... no business sense at all. Go with a production/enterprise quality messaging system like MQSeries, Tibco, Oracle AQ, or Sonic.
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    Hey Steve! if he is using OC4J-9.0.3 I'm sure he is just toying around with JMS.
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    Choosing oc4j version or a different container is decided by the customer in my case and I have no influence. But anywayz thanks for all your inputs!