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Performance and scalability: Irongrid status? And replacement?

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    Hi all,

    I have tried out IronEye Sql and quite like what it does, allowing performance profiling by analyzing the logs of sql statements that flows through JDBC.

    I have a trial version right now and would like to use it in compliance with any license obligation. The "purchase now" button links to a defunct page, and the main page is redirected to p6splylog's web page. Anyone knows what the deal is with IronGrid? Is it defunct? If so, what is the license implication? Can I ask someone else for a paid version and use it? There is an "IronGrid" project on sourceforge at, but there does not seem to be much activity there.

    Finally, if I cannot sort out the IronGrid mess, is there another somewhat light-weight sql statement analyzing tool that anyone cares to recommend?

    Thanks so much!


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  2. Try Elvyx ...[ Go to top ]

    We were using p6spy and IronGrid but we could not find the IronGrid code to fix some bugs. Then, we started implementing a client for p6spy and we finished implementing the full solution. This application is Elvyx and can be downloaded from: I think this tool could be useful to the community. Armando ;-)