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    I assume that this has been discussed or talked million times, unfortunately I can not find a particular web site or article to talk about the pros and cons of both, such as the scalablity, the performance, EAI perspectives, etc. about each product mentioned above. Can anyone let me know the advantages or disadvantages of each above or the scenarios to use one of two? Thanks in advance.

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    The is the Server Side!

    That means you need to be using the latest cutting (bleeding) edge technology ...

    And that means you need an Enteprise Service Bus!

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    You may consider this commercial products, as a good alternative to Tibco and MQ Series:

    . Software AG's EntireX Communicator. This product is a MOM that can help to you to solve typical EAI problems.

    . Software AG's EntireX Mediator. This ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) can help you deploy a scalable SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).

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    Jose Ramon Huerga
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    Which products exactly? Tibco has quite a few, and do you mean just the queueing capability of IBM MQ, or MQ Series Integrator or what? From a queueing perspective, both vendors have some interesting features, IBM basically has the advantage for simply moving data to/from OS390, but I prefer Tibco (EMS) if the data is moving over a WAN due to its speed.