LDAP and JAAS for authentication/authorization--Urgent


General J2EE: LDAP and JAAS for authentication/authorization--Urgent

  1. Hi I'm developing a webapp using JAAS and LDAP. I've figured out JAAS and have decided to use the provided JNDI Login Module..
    But i dont have access to LDAP server so thats the first problem i dont know how to test.
    If i use openldap i'm not sure how to configure it.. can anyone point me to some helpful resources on LDAP and how to get started and just breifly how one sets up a schema.
    Lastly for roles, are they defined as attributes in defined in LDAP direcotory or the app server?

    Thansk.. Would appreciate some help ASAP.

  2. I have recently worked on a small project on LDAP in Java.
    I had used OpenLDAP fr it with the Berkeley DB. Both the products can be downloaded frm their home sites, ie.,
    The installation details are provided within their documentations itself. I installed and configured them on a Linux machine, so familiar with that. After installation the next step is to create schemas. In schemas u define ur objects and attributes. Then comes the ldif files which contain the actual data. Resources on that can be found easily on Internet.
    After setting up the LDAP server u need to implement the interface fr the connectivity with ur java application, using java.naming APIs.
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    Hey Manish.. Thanks that was useful.. just wondering if u used JAAS or the JNDI package to interface with you LDAP directory.. The thing is i have to use JAAS and Sun provides a JNDILoginModule for u to interface with LDAP directory but i'm having some trouble with that.. i was able to test using JNDI packages i.e. connect to and LDAP server and retrieve values but with JAAS there are some other complications .. lemme know if u have any clues on that..

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    Yes that's another solution but i had used JNDI package for that. Donno much about the JAAS Login Module..never used that.