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       We are trying to install a JAX-RPC Handler server-wide, to handle all the SOAP Messages the get to the Application Server. We deployed already on JBoss and WebSphere, and are trying to do the same now on WebLogic.
    Some one know how to configure this on BEA WebLogic, even for a particular version?
    I would really appreciate if some one can at least clarify some issues (including for other App. Servers):
    Is it possible to do it without user-interference, like changing some configuration file?
    The Server creates just one instance of the Handler or several? If several based on what?
    Last question, is it possible to deploy this Handler without restarting the server? (Same question for JBoss and WebSphere)
  2. Avraham,

    In your post you mentioned that you have previously set up handler chain with IBM WebSphere App. Server.

    I'm currently getting the following error:

    javax.xml.rpc.JAXRPCException: WSWS3161E: Error: No service has been defined.

    at com.ibm.ws.webservices.engine.client.Service$HandlerRegistryImpl.getHandlerChain(Service.java:997)

    while trying to programatically register a handler with a service proxy generated by Java2WSDL.

    It is a known IBM issue - have any suggestions?

    Sequence of events:

    1) A service locator is generated using Java2WSDL.
    2) The user registers a handler (implementing
    3) A call is made to a generated locator to register the handler on a client.