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    I whould like to know if its possible to configure different ports on my web service in order to be accessed by different clients and allow me to control the volume of each client calls.
    This need applies because I need to distinguish what is the client that is accessing and I could have the need of disable the access for this particular client.
  2. Its is very much possible, but the configuration depends on the web server you are using.

    But if the problem is to distinguish client, then I would say this is surly a wrong approach. You could simply use a key or a different url in the worst case, or simply get the client IP Address from the request.. and so many other ways to find out the client. I would surly not recommend using a web server on different port just to distinguish the client.

    Hope it helps,

  3. sorry the earlier reply was in context of WEB SERVER. My apologies.
  4. Thanks for your reply.
    In facts It was very easy. I was thinking that I whould have to map the web service in several ports. However tthe solution is more simple. I have now configured Tomcat to be available in several ports. Now the web service is accessed through those ports and I can distinguish the clients base on port or IP information.