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    I'm currently doing research to setup my development environment for a java based project. It's a fairly straightforward project: A servlet and couple of JSP's that use a web service to retrieve and send data to another system.

    What is a good IDE to use for this type of work? I'm currently playing with the Netbeans 4.1 Beta, as well as Eclipse. I've also played with Java Studio Creator a little bit but I'm not sure about using JSF across the many different servers our customers would be supporting. I thought it might be better to stick with a simple JSP/Servlet based solution.

    It doesn't appear that any of the IDE's (free ones anyway) support the building of the client side Java Web Service classes very well. What is a good approach to take for integrating your web services into an application of this kind as it appears there are many many tools out there to do this. What would be the simplest at this point in time?


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  2. I would say the simplest approach if you are only consuming a Web Service is to use something like JAX-RPC or Apache Axis. If want to write your own Web Service, you will need to design your own WSDL (and your own Schema). For this you will need a good XML editor to do this for you. The Oxygen XML editor good for this. It lets you create a WSDL and then geneerate a SOAP call and lets you shoot it to a server and see the result.

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    I am new to webservices.

    Assume in a j2ee container one web application is running.
    Also there is a web servie running as well in the same box.

    Assume there is a application scope variable in the above web application (eg.static variable).

    The question is can the web service access that variable and update.

    Waiting for a quick solution.

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    If its a static variable, and its public, then it should be accessable from anywhere. and so you should be able to update it. Also it depends on how your Web Service is implemented.

    If you are new to Web Services and you need to create a Web Service quickly, I would suggest to have a look at our product M31 - Galaxy at

    Using Galaxy you can create Web Services without any coding. The developer edition (which lets you create Web Services) is free to use, even in commercial projects. There is also an Eclipse Plugin which is free.

    If you need further info, let me know.

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