Installing external EAR's in WSAD WTE


General J2EE: Installing external EAR's in WSAD WTE

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    I am trying to install an external EAR file into the WSAD WTE.

    I specified a value for "directory to install application"

    but at the end I am getting a different value for "Application binaries saved in"

    please let me know what to do
    thank you
  2. I guess I am step closer but no better. Once you create WTE a server project is created and the ear/war/jar deployed in the localhost cell. Unfortunately dropping in an external ear/war/jar doesnt seem to do anything....

    I really wonder his it works. Looks like tooooo much of tight integration between WSAD and WTE. I am not happy because I am unable to even use simple things like ANT or Maven to deploy code in local environment as we dont have a WAS local install.

    Too frustrating...