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    Hi all,

    I have problems with workshop, when I try to connect to remote cvs I receive an error like this:

    addChosen starting...
    Caught exception: CreateProcess: cvs -d:pserver:user@ipaddress:/cvs login add -m prova my.portal error=2
    addChosen finished.

    and nothing is added on the repository

    this is an example when I try to add a .portal file but is the same with other files...

    1 - I use the generic string to connect on cvs: :protocol:user@server:path with project settings
    2 - The Repository is up and running because I use it with another project on eclipse IDE

    thanks in advice
  2. I am getting the problem any operations on CVS mean checkout, update and login. I thing there is no problem in the code. Think i should need some pre-requirements instead of just ant installation. I saw some other sites. they suggest to run the cvs command from the command promt. But there is no any cvs.exe file in my system even i am able to checkout and all in the eclipse itself. Could you please tell me the pre-requirements to run CVS ant tasks successfully. Thanks and regards, Ravikmar.Maddi