In the Trenches is a new JSF Central series about real world projects that use JavaServer Faces. The latest article looks at how Prisma, an Austrian credit insurance cmmpany, rewrote their customer support system's front-end with JSF. The system was written by MyFaces committers Thomas Spiegl and Martin Marinscheck.


During approximately five months of part-time work on the project, Marinschek and Spiegl, as well as one developer at Prisma, built Prisma.Net. Prisma.Net serves as a hub for about 2,000 clients, managing their accounts and allowing them to track payments and claims, examine contractual terms, and perform other account management duties.

In addition to standard JSF components, the team also used several custom MyFaces components, such as the DataScroller and Navigation components. They also developed several of their own custom components, including a Popup component and a menu component based on the popular JSCookMenu JavaScript library. Their custom components, in addition to enhanced error reporting for the standard UIData component, have made their way into the MyFaces code base of version 1.09, which was released on April 11th, 2005.

For the full story, see: Prisma Builds a Client Support System with MyFaces.