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General J2EE: deploy .war file on SeeBeyond eGate Server

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    SeeBeyond says that eGate is a j2ee server.
    How can you deploy custom j2ee application on this server? Is it possible? I have a .war file I would like to run on SeeBeyond. In Bea Weblogic Server I can just drop this war file in the applications directory. Or is eGate just a j2ee server for SeeBeyond products?
  2. Which version of eGate are you talking about? I am assuming that your are referring to the ICAN 5.0.x version. You can try to drop the war in <install_folder>/repository/server/webapps and start the server. Then try to go to the app URL. It uses Tomcat as the Servlet/JSP engine. Searching for files and/or folders named catalina should give you more information.

    Have never done this before. However am using eGate currently so I have some basic idea.
  3. Hi there ,
      I had been extensively working with e*Gate . It is just an integrator and is used to integrate different systems like SAP , Siebel , databases , J2EE application servers etc . It is a message oriented middleware which takes the messages and passes it to the other systems in the form of messages after necessary data enrichment. It connects to the different system by JCA adapters . Hope that explains e*Gate .