Facing problem wit the java test tool Grinder 3


Performance and scalability: Facing problem wit the java test tool Grinder 3

  1. Hi,
      I am working on a J2EE project which is nearing completion and I would like to test it. I plan to use the apache grinder 3 test tool.

    I have followed all the steps given in this very useful article to get the grinder started;

    But when I type in the following command on the command prompt I get the following error:

    C:\>java net.grinder.TCPProxy -httpplugin -console
    Script will be generated to the files 'httpscript.py' and 'httpscript_tests.py'
    4/21/05 1:06:49 PM (tcpproxy): Initialising as an HTTP/HTTPS proxy with the


       Request filters: HTTPPluginTCPProxyFilter

       Response filters: HTTPPluginTCPProxyResponseFilter

       Local address: localhost:8001

    4/21/05 1:06:49 PM (tcpproxy): Could not initialise engine:

    As you can see it does not give me any indication of what exactly is wrong. Any help is extemely appreciated


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    Try to use the new http plugin the one you mentioned is depricated. The newest version should work pretty good.