PDFTextStream v1.3's expanded API and object model represents a significant productivity driver for Java developers. It now:
    - provides page-by-page access of PDF documents
    - supports retrieval of PDF document revision and encryption information
    - offers high-performance 'piping' routines that simplify the extraction of text from PDF documents and pages.

PDFTextStream v1.3's new compatibility with PDF documents adhering to v1.6 of the PDF document specification (used by Acrobat 7) further enhances PDFTextStream's deep and broad support for different types of PDF documents.

Finally, PDFTextStream v1.3 includes a major upgrade to its internal document understanding processes, which results in more accurate and higher quality text extracts. This is a critical improvement for developers that rely upon PDFTextStream text extracts for full-text indexing and data mining applications where semantic integrity of the extracted text is mission-critical.

Product Overview
PDFTextStream is demonstrably the fastest Java library for converting PDF documents to text <
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