Acelet releases Super 6.0 - J2EE toolkit


News: Acelet releases Super 6.0 - J2EE toolkit

  1. Acelet releases Super 6.0 - J2EE toolkit (2 messages)

    Acelet has released Super 6.0, a J2EE toolkit with various modules.

    This version adds the "SuperDashboard," a JMX console. The other components are:
    • SuperEnvironment, a distributed HashMap and Properties implementation
    • SuperLogging - a logging system
    • SuperPeekPoke - a tool that allows access and changes to properties of running EJBs
    • SuperReport - a reporting tool for data generated by SuperLogging
    • SuperScheduler - a scheduler module
    • SuperStress - a stress tool for EJB containers
    • SuperWatchdog - an event-monitoring package
    Free licenses are available for qualified organizations.

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  2. C64[ Go to top ]

    Peek and poke ? Finally we have the potential to make EJB programming as exciting as games programming on the Commodore 64 in the old days... But changing deployment descriptors is not enough. What about randomly changing stuff at the bytecode level through calls like "ejb.poke(63456, 177)" ?
  3. What about..[ Go to top ]

    ...SuperCrap: the distributed wastebasket. Replacing /dev/null in a distributed environment.