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    HI guys!

    Just wondering if you guys/gals have xindice ver. 1.1b4 runnning? I have installed the war successfully in tomcat and have added the appropriate env variables. My OS is FC3.
    I try to add a new collection by issueing the following command:
    ./ ac -c /db -n test
    The error message is:
    XMLDB Exception 0: Cannot communicate with the server:

    The url should be http://localhost:8080/xindice/.

    Is there a way to configure that?

    Thanks in advace for any info..
  2. Changing the server port[ Go to top ]

    In the command line tool, you can specify that the server is running on port 8080 rather than 8888. See . Better yet, you can set up the Tomcat service on the server to listen on both ports 8080 and 8888. Edit $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml, copy the "Connector" for port 8080 to add another "Connector" under the "Service", and simply change the port number from 8080 to 8888 in the copy.