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    I think TSS is an incredible resource, but one thing I've always found mind-bogglingly lousy is the site's discussion forum implementation... am I missing something?

    There is the threaded message hierarchy layed out in a box at the top of the page, then all messages dumped at the same level below, so after jumping to the first message in a particular thread, to see the next reply you either have to go hunting down the page for a similar title or scroll back up to the top and click the next link on the hierarchy. This is so unnatural for reading a threaded conversation that I can't believe nobody has freaked out about it.

    For examples of what I see as excellent threaded discussion forum designs, check out '' or ''.
  2. Chris,

    We at TSS are very aware of the antiquated thread forum implementation we have. We have some innovated ideas in the works that are way better than even the links you suggested, and they are on our massive list of development features.

    Hopefully we can get to them this summer.

  3. Nice websites... one I like is

    Very basic forum, very much a template, with hosting, but very easy to navigate.