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    I know you have a vast list of features and updates you would like to do/are planning for I wondered if you'd considered open sourcing the forum code and keeping a list of requested enhancements somewhere for people to check out and do from time to time.

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    From what I know (interviews with TSS folks) - because TSS gets high load, the code that runs it is fairly complex. With distributed architecture and what not.

    To contribute code changes, you have to, at least, install and run the thing. :) The question is - can only some parts of TSS software be installed/developed? Is it as complex as - nobody would even want to get into it?

    As a whole, TSS information architecture is not the one that would be common. Just some pieces of it - news, forum - there are more feature-rich solutions, done simpler (hence - easier to contribute to).

    Bottomline question: Will the project be able to raise enough of developer community?