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    struts is trying to develop a JSF and struts integration library.
    but I don't understand what's the point of this integration.sounds like we should use JSF stadard tags instead of struts html, and all of others archtechture such as action,controls, we keep using strus.
    but I think the JSF is not just some tags.it's an architecture. like back bean, event listener...
    these are more important then tags. (of course ,tag are important too)
    what's the point of integration for two diffrent archtecture?
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    The primary focus of the Struts + JSF integration library is for the purposes of gradual or partial migration from Struts to JSF. It will allow you to build new pages for an existing Struts apps using JSF and still hook it up into the Struts controller code.
    I think for a brand new application it is unlikely that you'd take this approach though you'd go 100% with one technology or the other.