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    i am a beginner in EJB.i am studying the EJB cookbook.but i am not getting how to deploy the ejb-jar.xml file.i mean should i download this file from the net or should i copy some other XML file and edit it.should i download other file to have a ejb working field.
    please do get me the steps so that i can buildup a ejb working field.i am working on TOMCAT 4.0.
    wating for your response

    with regards
    D.Mahendra Kumar

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    first of all one thing that u can run EJB on tomcat because it is not an application server it is a webserver so u have to use weblogic or any other application server for that and when u make ur first application in weblogic or any other servers tool then it will create ur descriptor files like XML files so u need not to create if they dont make then u have to make it manualy

    so tell me what actually u want to do
    so that i can say how u will do it

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    You can't run EJB on Tomcat, you need an application server. You could try using something like JBoss or Weblogic.

    When developing EJB, you put the ejb-jar.xml file inside the EJB jar file. Each ejb-jar.xml file is different in the same way that each web.xml is different.
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    you can talk to me through my mail id vikassheelgupta at rediffmail dot com
    and regarding your problem
    you cant deploy ur file in tomcat because it is web server not an application server fine
    and second
    if u r using weblogic it will create this xml file automatically for your program
    no need to make it manually

    take care
    vikas sheel gupta